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From his youth spent in the misery of a gypsy camp, Edmond Vidal, known as Momon, retained a sense of family, unfailing loyalty, and pride in his origins. Above all, he has kept the friendship of Serge Suttel. The childhood friend with whom he discovered prison because of a stupid cherry theft. With him, he inexorably plunged into the world of organized crime, and experienced the heyday of the GANG DES LYONNAIS, the team they formed together and which made them the most famous bank robbers of the early seventies. Their irresistible rise came to an end in 1974, when they were arrested in a spectacular fashion. Now approaching sixty, Momon is trying to forget this period of his life. He found redemption by retiring from “business”. By taking care of Janou, his wife, who suffered so much at the time, and of his children and grandchildren, all of whom are respectful of this man with simple and universal values, lucid and full of humanity. Unlike Serge Suttel, who in spite of time has not denied anything of his journey…

Feature film

Directed by Olivier Marchal

Production : LGM Productions/Nexus Factory

With Gérard Lanvin, Tchéky Karyo, Lionnel Astier & Daniel Duval