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A tall female cop from Paris – and an inveterate city dweller – is forced to sacrifice her career for her son and take up a new position in a provincial police station near him, where nothing is as efficient or as fast as at the 36 Quai des Orfèvres. As a Parisian, she will have to adapt to a team that does not expect her, to a world where neighbors know each other over several generations and where nights in the countryside are terribly silent. However, the blood crimes that take place in Annecy, its region and right up to the Swiss border are no less intriguing and complex…

Series for France Télévisions
Since 2015

Directed by Hervé Renoh, Sylvie Ayme, François Guérin, Benoît d’Aubert, Bruno Garcia

Production : Barjac Production/Abrafilms/France Télévisions/Be-Films

With Gwendoline Hamon, Alexandre Varga, Dominique Pinon

Broadcasting : France3