A young man is found dead on the “suicide bridge” in a small village near Lyon. Rosa, a 16-year-old girl, discovered him while jogging. Apart from a tattoo, there was nothing on him to identify him. The coroner quickly concluded that he had committed suicide, and if no-one responded to the appeal for witnesses, the young man would be buried under X in the next few days. For Rosa, this is unbearable and she convinces Fred, her mother, a former war reporter who is now a journalist for a local television station, to try to find out the identity of the victim. Pugnacious, intolerant of injustice and helped by her faithful cameraman, Manu, a sweet, naive dreamer, she will try to find out who this young man who disappeared too soon is. Although no official investigation has been launched, she will have to work with Pierre, a gendarmerie commander. This investigation will take Fred, Manu and Pierre into the world of anti-globalisation activists and the upper middle classes of Lyon.


Television film for France 3 – 9 December 2023

Directed by Stéphanie Pillonca
Production : Brain Production
With : Florence Pernel, Jean-Baptiste Shelmerdine et Medi Sadoun
Diffusion : France 3