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Sam is in high school like most kids his age, or almost, because Sam is in a wheelchair. He lives with his mother, Nina, who has always raised him alone and devoted her life to him. The arrival of Vincent, a new student, changes everything. He makes Sam aware of all the injustices that surround him and his friends (his friend Lila, autistic, Tom, hard of hearing, and Manon). Together, they create a gang to denounce the lack of accessibility and consideration that they suffer on a daily basis.

Far from feeling like victims, they want to raise awareness by hitting hard. Nina worries when she sees her son rebelling because this “gang” and the actions they take could threaten his future. While nothing until then opposed Nina and her son, today they no longer understand each other. She is then confronted with a dilemma: to interfere in Sam’s life as any mother would or to let him free of his choices to finally think about her…


TV movie – 2021

Directed by par Stéphanie Pillonca
Production : Troisième Oeil Story
With Alessandra Sublet, Théo Curin, Bruno Wolkowitch
Broadcasting : TF1