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Following the Guernon case in the mid-2000s, the emblematic Captain Pierre Niemans is transferred to the head of the Central Office against Blood Crimes (OCCS). This new unit deals with the most complex cases, where clues are few and serial murders must be solved as quickly as possible. It is during a particularly difficult mission that Niemans stumbles upon his best student and spiritual daughter, Camille Delaunay.
Specialists in the dark side of the human soul, an explosive duo with no less original methods, Niemans and Camille are sent to the four corners of France, to regions where legends, landscapes and traditions are mixed with complicated murders and increasingly nervous and dense investigations. Independent, efficient, and with a rare courage, this shock tandem blends into the scenery, not hesitating to sleep in the homes of local people to better uncover their secrets. As borderline as each other, they are sharp, funny, efficient – and dangerous.

The sequel to Jean-Christophe Grangé’s best-selling book.

Series for France Télévisions

Directed by Ivan Fegyveres, Olivier Barma & Julius Berg

Production : Storia Télévision/Maze Pictures/Umedia

With Olivier Marchal, Erika Sainte

Broadcasting : France 2