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Oswaldo and Babass, two fifty year old workers and soccer fans, threatened by the relocation of their factory to Romania, challenge the young executives of their management to a match. To do this, they reassemble their mythical amateur team of the 1980s, The Green Dogs. But the young champions of yesteryear are not what they used to be. And the game seems to be in trouble when Oswaldo chooses to bet their professional future on the result of the match.

In this film directed by Mathias and Colas Rifkiss, we did all the executive production.

Awards & Festivals :
Acting award for Pascal Demolon and Special Mention of the jury at the 2012 Meudon Short Comedy Festival.
Audience Award, Rencontres Ciné en herbe in Montluçon 2012
Audience award, ” Mieux vaut en rire qu’en pleurer ” in Choisy-Le-Roi 2012
3rd prize, 12th International Short Film Festival Corti Da Sogni Antonio Ricci, Italy 2012
Emotion award at the European Short Film Festival of Fontainebleau 2012
Audience Award, Villeurbanne Short Film Festival 2012
Grand Prix du Jury & Best Actor Award – Pascal Demolon at the Festival Fenêtre sur Courts d’Avignon 2013
Fenêtres sur Courts of Avignon 2013
Ciné + Prize, Mention for the Music and 2nd Prize of the Young Jury at the Festival of Alès – Itinérances 2013
Public Prize – La Lucarne
Grand Prize at the Festival au pays de Gabin in Mériel

Broadcasting :
Canal +
TV5 Monde

Short film

Directed by Mathias et Colas Rifkiss

Production : Les Films au Long Cours

With Pascal Demolon, Philippe Duquesne, Yannick Laurent & Anne Benoît