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Amin came from Senegal to work in France nine years ago. He left his wife Aïcha and their three children behind. In France, Amin has no other life than his work, no other friends than the men who live at home. Aisha only sees her husband once or twice a year, for one or two weeks, sometimes a month. She accepts this situation as a necessity: the money that Amin sends to Senegal supports several people. One day, in France, Amin meets Gabrielle and an affair begins. At first, Amin is very restrained. There is the problem of language, of modesty. Until then, separated from his wife, he led a life devoted to duty and knew that he had to remain vigilant.

Feature film

Directed by Philippe Faucon

Production : Istiqlal Films/Arte France Cinéma/NJJ Entertainment

With Moustapha Mbengue, Emmanuelle Devos and Marème N’Diaye