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There is no way to anticipate the breaking point. The young Hicham Alaoui, 22 years old, suddenly decides to run away from his room of retarded teenager. Deserting his family, which suspects nothing, he goes to Lyon to meet the only homosexual he knows: Thibaut Giaccherini. Thibaut Giaccherini is 28 years old and is an activist for LGBT rights. Hicham’s quest for an intimate, political and sexual identity finds in Thibaut a referent. Hicham admires his fights. He is fascinated by his ebullient and committed universe. He envies the strength and self-assertion that Thibaut exudes. But, as he gets to know him better, Hicham guesses more and more his flaws and contradictions. This strength is a mask. To find out who he is, Hicham will have to find his own way…

Since 2017

Directed by Maxime Potherat

Production : Astharté & Compagnie/France TV

With Mehdi Meskar, Eric Pucheu, Denis D’Arcangelo